Process Modelling and Process Improvement

This 2 or 3-day process modelling and improvement course focuses on the investigation, documentation and improvement of business processes.

BPMN v2 is taught as the process diagramming technique during this course.

Suitable for

This course is suitable for Business Analysts, Consultants and Project Managers with minimal experience of process modelling and business process improvement. It is a practical, skills-based course and does not include an examination.

Delivery Method 

Classroom and virtual (although classroom is recommended wherever feasible).

This course is not available in our public schedule but is available for on-site delivery.

If you would like to attend a public scheduled process modelling and improvement course then please see our BCS Modelling Business Processes training course page.

Our virtual classroom training courses are delivered via Zoom.

Course Tutors

Our course tutors are practising business change professionals who have been using and teaching process modelling and improvement for over 10 years.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course the delegate should have achieved:

  • An understanding of why and when process modelling is used
  • Skills in process modelling techniques and how to apply them
  • The ability to draw consistent, high-quality BPMN process diagrams including swim-lane diagrams
  • An ability to identify issues that cause process problems
  • The ability to analyse processes and identify improvements
  • The ability to implement process improvements
  • An understanding of how processes and requirements are inter-related

Course Content

  • Introduction to Business Process Modelling
  • Objectives and drivers for process modelling/improvement
  • Diagram Types – Business Process, Functional, Procedural
  • BPMN diagramming
  • Diagramming standards and levelling
  • Logical and Physical Processes
  • Writing process descriptions
  • Process Goals and Outcomes
  • Measuring process performance (metrics)
  • Implementing business process change
  • Summary and Conclusions

On-site clients may choose to tailor the above content to suit their own requirements, for example, by adding additional content around BPMN or internal standards.

There is no examination for this course, so the focus is entirely on practical process modelling techniques that can be applied in the workplace.

Additional course information

Course timings depend on the client’s individual needs but are recommended to run from 09:00 to 17:00 each day.

To arrange this course

For more information, or to arrange this training course for your organisation, please contact Peter Kovacs on 0207 112 8982 or e-mail