BCS Requirements Engineering Self-Study and sample exams

Over the coming months we will develop self-study options for BCS Requirements Engineering. These will cover the 2018 version of the syllabus which is based on the BCS publication ‘Business Analysis – Third Edition’. Modules for the 2021 syllabus will be available in early 2022.

Learning will be based on video tutorials presented by our experienced courses tutors. Each module can be purchased on a weekly rental basis. Available modules will cover different parts of the syllabus and can be purchased individually meaning that there is minimal financial commitment in commencing your studies.

You can learn at your own pace but note that the exam for the 2018 version of the syllabus must be taken by the end of 2021.

How self-study video tutorials work

Learning will be provided via a number of video tutorials which can be accessed and paid for securely via the Vimeo website.

Each tutorial will cover one or more modules from the BCS Requirements Engineering syllabus.

Some modules will be provided for free allowing you to find out if the style of learning suits your own needs.

You can choose to purchase individual modules on a case-by-case basis. Separate learning tutorials will be provided for sample exam papers.

Our aim is to provide access to a full course and at least 2 sample exam papers for less than £150 (plus taxes). If you sit the exam with us, this would make the total cost of achieving the BCS Requirements Engineering qualification around £330+ taxes.

Suitable for

  • Individuals who wish to self-study in their own time and take the exam out of work hours.
  • Anyone who is needing to elicit, analyse and document requirements as part of their job role and wants to learn these skills in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Anyone wanting to resit an exam they have taken with another training provider. Our modular structure allows you to focus on those areas that you might struggle with the most.
  • Anyone who has studied with another training provider and received a poor experience, perhaps failing the exam or not gaining insights into real-world application.

Taking the BCS Requirements Engineering Exam

  • Once you have completed your studies, you can sit the exam either with ourselves or via any of the other channels available.
  • Our fee for online exams if you have studied with us, is £185 + VAT.
  • The BCS online exam is taken in your own home using Zoom and the BCS’s Questionmark software which is downloaded to the device you use to sit the exam.
  • The result will be presented to you upon completion of the online exam.
  • To book an exam session please email us at info@BA-Solutions.co.uk
  • Find out how the exam works and our exam dates here.

Available BCS Requirements Engineering modules

Costs displayed here are approximate and will be shown precisely including taxes before you decide to purchase.

View the free trailer here

Sample Exam Paper 1 (40 Questions and Answers) – £25 (approx)

Click on the relevant item above and you will be directed to the Vimeo website where you can view a trailer video and make a decision on purchase.

Further sample exams and modules will be added over the coming months.