Exam Only Session – Requirements Engineering, Modelling Business Processes, Business Analysis Practice

Exam only session allowing you to take the relevant BCS exam in your own home.

Regular exam sessions held using Zoom on weekday evenings at times starting between 6:00 and 7:30 pm.

How the BCS Exam Only session works

If you have self-studied and wish to take the BCS exam, we run invigilated exam sessions approximately every two weeks.

The price of the online exam is:

  • BCS Business Analysis Practice exam only – £255
  • BCS Requirements Engineering exam only – £255
  • BCS Modelling Business Processes exam only – £255

All prices exclude VAT.

The exam session is run using Zoom. Once the invoice for your exam fee has been paid, we will register you for the exam. You will then be sent an email by BCS allowing you to download the BCS’s Questionmark software.

On the day of the exam, you just need to login to the Zoom session and have your photographic ID checked, followed by a webcam sweep of your exam area. This must be a room where you are the only occupant. You will then be given a code to unlock and start the exam. During the exam, the invigilator will be monitoring all candidates via webcam. The exam result will appear on screen as soon as the exam finishes.

Find our exam dates and more details of how the exam works here.

To book an online exam, send an email to info@ba-solutions.co.uk containing your invoicing details (name and address), which subject you would like to sit the exam for, and your selected exam date.

Suitable for

  • Individuals who wish to self-study for the relevant subject and take the exam out of work hours.
  • These sessions are available to previous attendees of a BA Training Solutions course, or anyone wanting to resit an exam they have taken with another training provider.

What is included?

  • 1 hour invigilated exam session using Zoom
  • BCS online exam taken in your own home

Additional course information

These sessions will generally run at 7 pm on a weekday evening allowing you to attend outside of work hours. If none of our scheduled times are suitable, then get in touch by phone or email.

To see if you’re ready to take an BCS exam, you can find a set of 15 sample exam paper questions via the links below: