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Fast-Track Business Analysis Diploma

Course Dates, Location & Prices

For the BCS Business Analysis Fast-Track course delegates attend training over two weeks Monday - Friday. The course is non-residential and takes place 9:00 - 17:30 each day

Additional training dates are available for those who wish to attend the courses as two separate weeks. Please see the 'Option to Split Training Dates' section below.

Dates Location Duration Price Places Available
17-21 June &
24-28 June
London, Holborn 10 days £2,695 + VAT 1 Place Remaining
23-27 September &
30 September - 4 October
London, Holborn 10 days £2,695 + VAT Places Available
25-29 November &
2-6 December
London, Holborn 10 days £2,695 + VAT Places Available

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Course Overview

"Thank you so much once again for the opportunity to do all the four courses in two weeks, great instructors, lovely venue, and the great quality preparation material. I'm so pleased that of all options I went with BA Solutions for the BA Diploma."

This course includes the four modules required for the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis. During the course delegates take the exams for Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis Practice, Modelling Business Processes and the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis.

The 10 day training route takes place over two consecutive weeks, Monday - Friday.

Following successful completion of the modular exams included in this course delegates must book and pay for the final oral exam required for the Diploma qualification direct with the BCS. The cost of the oral exam is not included. This must be completed within twelve months.

Intended Audience

There are no pre-requisites to enrol for the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

This 10 day training route is suitable for both experienced and beginner business analysts.

Course Structure

During week 1 of this course delegates attend the Fundamentals of Business Analysis including BCS Requirements Engineering course. The Requirements Engineering exam is taken on Friday afternoon. During week 2 delegates attend the BCS Diploma Top Up course and complete the modules of Business Analysis Practice, Modelling Business Processes and the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis.

Option to Split Training Dates

Delegates wishing to separate attendance of week one and week two of the training can choose to attend the courses on any of our public scheduled dates. The dates of both courses must be confirmed at the time of booking. Delegates need to select a date for each course from those below. Delegates must attend week 1 first, followed by week 2:

Week 1 - Fundamentals of Business Analysis including BCS Requirements Engineering Week 2 - BCS Diploma Top Up including Business Analysis Practice, Modelling Business Processes and the Foundation Certificate
13-17 May 2019 -
17-21 June 2019 24-28 June 2019
23-27 September 2019 30 September - 4 October 2019
28 October - 1 November 2019 -
25-29 November 2019 2-6 December 2019

Course Objectives

Each BCS module has a number of learning objectives:

Requirements Engineering

  • Explain the importance of linking requirements to the Business Case
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the requirements engineering process
  • Explain the use of a range of requirements elicitation techniques and the relevance of the techniques to business situations
  • Analyse, prioritise and organise elicited requirements
  • Document requirements
  • Identify problems with requirements and explain how requirements documentation may be improved
  • Create a model of the features required from a system
  • Interpret a model of the data requirements for an information system
  • Describe the principles of Requirements Management and explain the importance of managing requirements
  • Describe the use of tools to support Requirements Engineering
  • Explain the process and stakeholders involved in Requirements Validation

Business Analysis Practice (Strategic Business Analysis)

  • Describe how a business strategy is developed
  • Apply strategic analysis techniques
  • Explain the need for project discipline
  • Explain techniques to investigate an organisation's business systems.
  • Describe an approach to improving business systems.
  • Explain the importance of stakeholder management and use a stakeholder analysis technique.
  • Use techniques for the analysis and conceptual modelling of business systems
  • Describe how recommendations for business improvements may be identified
  • Describe the contents of a rigorous business case for the development and implementation of business changes
  • Identify costs, benefits, impacts and risks for an option in a business case

Modelling Business Processes

  • Identify and model core business processes at an organisational level
  • Identify and model business processes at the process level
  • Identify the events that trigger the business processes
  • Identify the outcomes from the business processes
  • Model the actors, tasks and process flows that comprise a business process
  • Analyse the tasks within a business process
  • Identify the business rules applied within tasks
  • Analyse the performance issues of individual tasks
  • Identify the performance measures applied within a business process
  • Analyse and improve business processes

Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

Holders of this certificate should be able to demonstrate an understanding of

  • the role and competencies of a business analyst
  • strategy analysis
  • business system and business process modelling
  • stakeholder analysis
  • investigation and modelling techniques
  • requirements engineering
  • business case development

Course Preparation

Before attending this course delegates will be expected to purchase and read the BCS publication 'Business Analysis – Third Edition'. Supporting re-reading documents and pre-work will also be issued for some modules. Delegates should plan to complete 10-15 hours of pre-reading before attending the course.

The BCS reading text is not included in the course fee and delegates should obtain their own copy in order to complete the pre-reading. The ISBN number for the book is 9781780172774 and it is available direct from the BCS, or from most on-line book retailers.

Examination & Accreditation Details

This course includes the BCS modular certificate exams for Requirements Engineering, Modelling Business Processes, Business Analysis Practice and the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis.

The format of the Requirements Engineering, Modelling Business Processes and Business Analysis Practice examinations is a one hour written (open book) examination based on a business scenario with 15 minutes reading time. Candidates have access to any written course material or books of their choosing during the exam. Candidates must achieve a 50% mark to pass the exam.

The format for the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis examination is a one hour multiple-choice exam consisting of 40 questions. The exam is closed book (no materials can be taken into the examination room). Candidates need to achieve a minimum of 26 marks out of 40 to pass the exam.

This course does not include the final oral exam which must be booked and taken directly with the BCS within 12 months of completing this course. The cost of the oral exam is £325 (subject to change by BCS).


  • Week 1 - Monday-Friday - Requirements Engineering
  • Week 2 - Monday-Tuesday - Business Analysis Practice
  • Week 2 - Wednesday-Thursday - Modelling Business Processes
  • Week 2 - Friday - Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

Course Details

The duration of our fast-track Diploma is 10 days. Courses take place Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 17:30.

Tea, coffee and cold drinks are available throughout the course. Courses are non-residential, however we can provide a list of recommended hotels close to the venue for those wanting to arrange accommodation.

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