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Feedback from Our Customers

We have a number of previous course attendees who have felt significant benefit from our training and have offered to act as ambassadors for BA Training Solutions. Our ambassadors come from the UK and other countries such as Greece, and can be contacted directly via email for their candid and unbiased opinions on our training. If you would like to contact one of our ambassadors, please contact us.

Thanks again for the course, it was very useful and put into practice immediately by reviewing (and hopefully improving) some user stories I had waiting for development.

The course was brilliant and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to be a BA or even an experienced BA.

"Whilst investing in myself, I wanted to be sure to choose a quality provider, and I am so pleased I chose BA Training Solutions for my BA Diploma. Having the opportunity to complete all four courses and exams in two weeks was exactly what I was looking for - exceptional course material, superb trainers, and a quality venue. Thank you."

"I actually had a job interview the day before the exam, and was offered the role and I honestly think it's down to everything I learned with BA Training Solutions. It's an amazing opportunity and honestly the only reason I got the job is because of you so thank you so so much! I will absolutely recommend you."

"This week has exceeded my expectations! Very practical, hands on. I would feel more comfortable in real situations now I have these tools. Excellent instruction. Thank you."

"The group exercises were really useful. I feel I have learned a lot on this course and can practice many of the techniques in my work"

"Absolutely Great!"

"Really interesting and intensive course. Would really recommend to my BA colleagues."

"Great course, great instructor. I will take a huge amount from this course."

"Very nice venue, I would use this again. Course material very clear."

"Brilliant facilitator. Allowed the group to bond whilst delivering the material and keeping on track. She [Wendy] has a clear in depth knowledge of the industry and was happy to explain things outside the syllabus in order to help us understand. A very good training package."

"Really balanced approach good how he [Peter] handled questions and attendees."

"Really good working with people from different organisations – Good dynamic."

"I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot of things that I want to use in my business life. Thank you for everything."

"Extremely impressed with the depth and scope of topics covered, I now feel confident in applying the learned techniques in real environment. Wendy a fantastic trainer in explaining techniques with supporting industry experience examples."

"Very impressed with the trainers delivery, knowledge and enthusiasm."

"Excellent course and instructor. Both exceeded my expectations."

"I have really enjoyed this course. It has filled in a lot of gaps and will most definitely make my job a lot better. I would definitely book another course with BA Solutions."

"Course content very good. Good impression of provider based on notes and handouts and reference material provided. Would definitely use [BA Solutions] again."

"Group exercises very well organised and helped to apply the content learnt throughout the week. In particular, I found the interview exercise to be beneficial for my own personal development and I haven't been pushed as hard in any other training course that I have attended, for which I am grateful for."

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