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BA Training Solutions Framework

The BA Training Solutions Framework contains a set of template deliverables that a Business Analyst would complete through the life of a typical project.

The intended audience for these templates are Business Analysts, Project Managers and other change management professionals. The templates are not intended to replace any document standards that you might currently have within your organisation. The documents have two specific purposes:

  • To be used as a starting point for change professionals new to the role who lack guidance, or are working in organisations without any well defined standards
  • For change professionals working in organisations with existing standards who might want to improve, challenge or verify their existing documentation

Attendees of our Fundamentals of Business Analysis training course receive electronic copies of these templates as well as fully completed examples of some of the documents relating to the case study covered on the course.

The Framework currently contains the following templates:

  • Project Mandate document
  • Feasibility Study document
  • Project Definition (or Initiation) Document
  • Business Case Spreadsheet
  • Business Implementation/Impact Document
  • High-Level Requirements Document
  • Detailed Requirements Document
  • Data Model
  • Process Description Document
  • User Acceptance Test Script
  • Risk Log
  • Issues Log
  • Dependency Log
  • Objectives Log
  • Constraints Log

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