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Business Analyst Competency Assessment (BACA) Scheme

IT and Business Analysis team managers often struggle to understand and measure the required competencies of their BA's as they progress through their careers.

BA Training Solutions offers a competency based assessment for Business Analysts. The scheme has the following aims:

  • provides assessment of different levels of BA experience against specific competency areas
  • identifies knowledge and skills gaps to determine training needs
  • a mechanism to assess job applicants against the defined competencies
  • global recognition of BA skills through the LinkedIn professional network

The BACA scheme provides a mechanism to measure the competency of Business Analysts as they progress through their careers. The scheme comprises a number of assessment levels

  • BACA Level 1 – Trainee Business Analyst who has received a minimum of 5 days competency based training
  • BACA Level 2 - Junior Business Analyst (6 months to 2 years experience)
  • BACA Level 3 - Business Analyst (typically 1 to 5 years experience)
  • BACA Level 4 - Senior Business Analyst (typically >4 years experience)

We also provide a Level 0 assessment to assess the suitability of aspiring BA's for a career in Business Analysis

Details of competency areas expected of a BA level 1-4 can be downloaded from the link below:

Download - Business Analyst Competency Assessment >>Click here.

The BACA scheme provides a written competency assessment based on a number of business scenarios and related questions which can be completed in-house and supplied to BAS for assessment and feedback. More detailed assessments can also be completed by interviewing Business Analysts in the workplace.

Business Analysts will be expected to demonstrate knowledge and skills relating to a number of competency areas specific to the level applied for.

At higher levels the scheme also requires Business Analysts to demonstrate application of knowledge and techniques to projects and business in the real world.

After completion of an assessment the BA is provided with an overall assessment against the competency level they have been assessed against as follows:

  • Significantly short of required standard
  • Some shortfall in meeting required standard
  • Meets the required standard
  • Exceeds the required standard

In addition, detailed feedback is supplied against a number of specific competency areas highlighting specific strengths as well as areas of weakness in order to identify future training needs.

Assessments can be tailored to specific client needs e.g. where clients feel that they want to assess specific competency areas.

Assessment Specifics:

  • Assessment can be undertaken under circumstances determined by client (e.g. semi-formal exam conditions). We would recommend that assessments are not carried out 'in their own time' or at home.
  • Assessment to be completed electronically (Word, PDF or RTF preferred)
  • There is no fixed time limit for completing the assessment (but a minimum of 90 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours would be expected).
  • The assessments are mainly scenario based with a set of 4 questions from the mandatory competency areas and a set of 4 questions from the optional areas. 4 questions in total need to be answered to complete an assessment.
  • Where the individual is assessed for a BACA Level 2 or 3 they may receive a lower level categorisation if they do not meet the standard they have been assessed against.

Written Assessment Costs

  • BACA Level 0 and 1 - £125 per person
  • BACA Level 2, 3 and 4 - £200 per person

Prices include provision of written overall assessment and detailed feedback against competency areas.

Please contact us for more details of holding on-site assessments.

Successful candidates may also register their assessment using the Linkedin professional network.

Click on the link below for an example Level 2 assessment:

Level 2 Assessment Example >>click here.

To request a Business Analyst Competency Assessment please contact us.