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BCS Exam Reasonable Adjustment Policy

Candidates taking a BCS business analysis exam with us should ensure that they are familiar with the BCS reasonable adjustment policy that allows additional time in exams for some candidates.

The BCS Reasonable Adjustment policy can be downloaded below. A request form for extra time is contained in the policy below and should be completed and returned (with supporting evidence) to BA Training Solutions (not the BCS) where necessary.

BCS Reasonable Adjustment Policy

BCS Reasonable Adjustment application form

Non-Native English Speaking Candidates

We only offer BCS exams in English. Candidates who wish to apply for additional time as English is not their official or native language should complete the below application and return it to us for approval at least one week before their exam date. Further information on the eligibility for extra time in this circumstance is given in the Reasonable Adjustment Policy above.

Additional Time Form - English as a second language

Please Note: All applications for additional time should be made direct to BA Training Solutions as your examination provider and not to the BCS.